How to Apply Loose Body Glitter

Loose Body Glitter

Glitter makeup is great fun and so versatile to use on your face and body but it’s not always easy to apply. Here are our top tips on ways to apply loose body glitter to achieve the look you want. You can use a cosmetic glitter base but if you don’t have one to hand then we have a few alternatives you can try.

Face Glitter

A trick that make up artists use to apply loose glitter is to put a sheen of Vaseline on the area you’d like the glitter. Then working quickly, apply the glitter to the still tacky area with a brush and you will find it sticks well.

If you want to cover a larger area to add sparkle then apply to a small amount of body oil (use as much glitter to either create a shimmer or a more show stopping look). Shake it up and apply over the area that you need it. Instantly you have a glittery sheen to your body.

Loose Face and Body Glitter by AFunkie

To Highlight your Cheekbones

To add that healthy glow to your skin and accentuate your cheekbones simply use a slither of primer and apply with a smaller brush. This way you can control how much sheen you achieve and can build up to get the perfect look.

Layer on top of Lipstick

For a really fun look, add on top of your favourite lipstick or better still, one of the new pearl lip-glosses (link).

Choose Your Colour

We stock 10 different loose body glitters that are make-up grade. Go from a rich passion all the way through to bright pink. There is a colour for every look you need and these glitters can be sprinkled on your face or body to create a dramatic look. Wear one or combine multiple glitter shades or types to create your own look

When the Party is Over

The glitters are so easy to remove when you need to change your look again. Simply use an oil based make up remover to lift the glitter. Then you are ready to try the next gorgeous vivid colour depending on the look you need.

You’ll find all the different shades to buy at AFunkie and create a breathtaking look with our loose body glitter. The glitter is suitable for your face, nail, lips, hair or body, which makes it perfect for parties or festivals.

Loose Body Glitter from

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