Make up Remover Cloth – How to Use it

Make Up remover cloth

There are many advantages of using a make up remover cloth over other make up removers. The cloths are soft and gentle on your skin and kind to the environment too. Read on to find out the top five advantages of using AFunkie Make up remover cloths.

Our Five Top Advantages of Make Up Remover Cloths

Make Up Remover ClothGentle on Your Skin

Firstly with these cloths there are no harsh chemicals being put onto your skin. It will not affect the natural pH of your skin or dry it out in any way unlike may cleansers. It’s also the kindest way to remove your make up every day.

Good for the Environment

By using the reusable cloth you are helping the environment. There is no waste to throw away such as wipes, cotton pads or tissues. You are also avoiding harsh chemicals that can enter the environment. So it’s win win for you and the environment.

Saves You Money

We are all conscious of the effect we are having on our planet but as well as this you need to make sure you don’t waste money. This is where these brilliant cloths really help. By reusing it daily you will cut down money you are spending on unnecessary products. Once you have one of our cloths, you won’t need to buy expensive cleansers to remove your make up. Simply just use warm water and go.

Quick to Clean

Simply rinse off the make up remover cloth in warm water and re-use the next evening. For a thorough clean, simply put into your regular wash. Once dry its ready to use again. Sometimes it’s difficult to have skin that feels really fresh and clean. With make up remover cloths your skin feels clean and looks great. As you are only using water, it is such a natural process.

AFunkie Make Up Remover Cloth

Exfoliates the skin

By working the cloth in small circular movements you help release the make up and at the same time give your skin a gentle exfoliation.

How it Works

The make up remover cloth has micro fibres that attach to the make up and lift it off the skin. Once your make up is removed simply turn the cloth over and dry your face. It’s really that simple and effective to remove your make up.

Why not try one of the cloths yourself also follow us on Instagram for more hints and tips and to see how others are using the make up remover cloths.

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